The triple-double getters of the Big V 2021 season as of Round 10

Stop, Triple Double, Roll

Stop, Triple Double, Roll

After NBA superstar Ben Simmons secured an impressive triple-double in a big win over Washington with Philadelphia 76ers into the Eastern Conference playoffs, we thought best to look over the triple-double getters of the Big V season thus far. 

Here are just some our triumphant triple-double doers of 2021:

JORDAN GEER - McKinnon Cougars, CM

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A sharpshooting combo-guard, Jordan Geer knows how to hit it from every end of the court. This crafty cougar's time in the Big V has given him the advantage of knowing his competition and how to utilise his strengths against them. He's achieved not one, but two triple-doubles in the 2021 season. Can he go a third and make it his triple triple-double?

ROUND 4: 11 points, 10 rebounds, 12 assists
ROUND 9: 25 points, 13 rebounds, 12 assists



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Whether it's her WNBL experience or lessons learned in Europe, Tomlinson has been the glue for Bulleen this season. Her transitioning of the ball between treammates and ability to read the play and react have been a significant aid. Lead blocker for Championship Women (3.7pg) and second for rebounds averaging 12 per game, Tomlinson is a consistent center who knows her role and instinctivly does it. 

ROUND 4: 16 points, 12 rebounds, 11 assists


JASON REARDON - Bellarine Storm, D1M

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Hundreds of Big V games, two Big V State Championship Men titles and numerous All-Star selections have followed in a illustrious Big V career for Reardon. In his second season with the Storm, he recently snuck his name on our list to secure his first triple-double of the season in Round 10 (right before we entered lockdown!). Currently third for assists with 4.67 per game, Reardon is expected to elevate his game in the back half of the season and see his team through to finals as they sit second on the ladder.

ROUND 10: 15 points, 15 rebounds, 10 assists



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The point guard of RMIT's undefeated Division Two Men, Coffey is a force to reckoned with. He's the Texan with a twang for triple-doubles. If you ever see him Daniel Steen running down the court together, move out of the way because they aren't slowing down! An array of double-doubles and triple-doubles, Coffey reigns number one for assists averaging a whopping 10.13 per game! 

ROUND 8: 11 points, 11 rebounds, 17 assists
ROUND 10: 26 points, 13 rebounds, 17 assists

BRYAN MOORE - Warrandyte Venom, D1M

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We want more of Bryan Moore! No stranger to topping the charts in Big V, with over 250 games to his name, Moore's excellence has been no different in 2021. His Round triple-double is just one moment of the season that has showcased his cohesion as a teammate amonst Warrandyte. Second for average rebounds (11.38) and scoring 14ppg, Moore stands strong in the currently fourth placed team looking towards finals contention. 

ROUND 4: 16 points, 14 rebounds, 11 assists

ANTHONY KIMBLE - Altona Gators, D2M

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Kimble has been no stranger to the Blue Carpet lists of 2021, inclusive of his Round 5 triple-double. The 196cm forward is a standout on the court for more than just his height. Leading avergae rebounds with 14.92 a game and raking in 20.19ppg, Kimble knows how to steal both ends of the court. Given his experience though, we're sitting tight for at least one more triple-double from him by season's end. 

ROUND 5: 20 points, 10 rebounds, 11 assists


CARLY CRANSTON - Craigieburn Eagles, YL1W


Cranston is dominating in 2021 and finds herself in the top five for average blocks (1.5) and avergae points (21). She's a statistical gem that has provided year after year in the competition, and don't we love to see it! Her Eagles team will have to increase their pace in the back end of the season if they wish to experience finals. 

ROUND 6: 31 points, 11 rebounds, 11 assists