Owen Foxwell is full of passion, grit and drive.

Player in Focus - Owen Foxwell

Player in Focus - Owen Foxwell

“I’m the kind of athlete that whenever I step on the court, I won’t leave anything out there and play every game like it’s my last.” 

Owen Foxwell is full of passion, grit and drive. His love of basketball has never been in question. 

“Basketball became a love from a young age,” Foxwell said. “I just loved being out on the court.” 

Foxwell first remembers gripping a basketball at the age of two. Now a Victorian representative, it’s safe to say he’s never let the basketball drop. 

“The first time I picked up a basketball I would have been two years old shooting into a mini ring in my living room,” he said. “I started playing at around six years old and I fell in love with being on the court, 

“Everything about it excited me and the more and more I got to be in that environment, the more I fell in love with the game.” 

Donning the blue and gold for Bulleen Boomers Youth League team has been a goal the young point guard knew would eventuate after an embellished junior career with the association.  

“I played most of my junior career at Bulleen and was lucky enough to win a VJBL Victorian Championship title in Under-18's, creating countless memories along the way, 

“Bulleen is an environment that strives for success in every aspect and aims to be the best of the best in every division and age group possible.” 

Beyond Bulleen, Foxwell’s talents have been recognised by Basketball Victoria’s High-Performance coaches.  

He was chosen for the Under-18 state team as a bottom age player to take part in the 2020 National Championships. While the fallout of COVID-19 squashed any opportunity to compete that year, a determined Foxwell wasn’t going to have his dreams crushed.  

He repeated the selection process for the Under-21 team at the next given opportunity and was successful. Foxwell said it was a “door opening moment”. 

“Representing my state at the National Championships was a massive honour for me as I wasn’t able to get the opportunity in Under-18's,” he explained.  

“Being able to play at the highest level on the national stage has been a huge goal of mine for years and I was over the moon when I was finally given that chance.” 

Foxwell believes climbing the ranks of the Basketball Victoria pathway will keep him on track to convert his dreams of playing professional basketball into reality.  

“Playing professionally is my end goal for basketball or a career in general, as being able to live competing against true professionals every single game would be a dream, I hope to one day make a reality.” 

2021 marks Foxwell’s first year playing in the Big V, Australia’s largest senior basketball competition. He has already earned a Player of the Month award, averaging 22.7 points and 6.3 assists in March. 

His team currently sit third on the VYCM ladder with the opportunity to see through finals not out of sight.  

“When the team are at our best, we’re hard to stop. We have a good mix of players that make a major impact on different ends of the floor and different aspects of the game, making us a very dynamic group and very hard to guard. 

“The guys in my team never fail to entertain as the different characters within the group mix gel so well together and have such good chemistry in the whole squad as well as the team always being able to have a laugh over banter between teammates. 

“We look to continue to play at that high level for the remainder of the season to give us the best chance at winning it all!” 

Foxwell may appear a young face to the Big V community, but his wisdom for the game goes deeper than appearances. He sees Big V for the bigger picture, as a major steppingstone to help reach the tallest playing heights.  

“The experience I am gaining by playing against older and physically stronger players that I never got to experience at the junior levels has given me the opportunity to develop my game to handle playing against bigger and better players in the future. 

“Even though I am only a first-year Big V player, my advice to any young player coming through is to have confidence in your ability, but also continue working hard on your game as the physicality and level of play is another step above what you would have been used to.” 

“Passion, grit and drive.” Three unquestionable qualities of Foxwell. Though, one word that encapsulates this rising athlete – potential. 

“I see myself as an athlete that still has a lot to prove and eventually hoping to end up being someone kids look up to." 


Owen Foxwell had to answer these five questions as fast as he could. How did he go? 

Go to post match snack? Cereal 
Current song on repeat? No return – Polo G, The Kid Laroi, Lil Durk 
Best dad joke? Why couldn’t the bicycle stand up by itself... It was too TIRE-d
Netflix choice? Money Heist 
Nothing is better than... Friday afternoon naps